Why is Happiness so Elusive?

Happiness Love Joy This is the stuff that fuels us. It inspires us and drives us to work, to create, to reach out to others, and connect. But why does it seem like there is just not enough? Why do we find ourselves feeling empty at times? Not wanting to reach out, or feeling like […]

Aerial Art Yoga


Membership or Single Class?

Should I buy a Single Class or a Membership?   If you are looking for a little help dedicating time each week to slowing down and nurturing your Self, then joining a supportive community that helps you take off your watch, and set down your to-do list, would be the perfect support system. We’ll help […]

Oatmeal Pumpkin Soup

  Oatmeal Pumpkin Soup A wonderful way to sooth your body on these cold November nights the dryness of Fall can leave us frazzled and stressed. So, create a balance with the dry cold outside and wet warmth inside. Enjoy this hearty fall soup to satisfy your pumpkin pie desires! With the “tri-root” perfecta: onion, […]

Pumpkin Soup

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The Story

Where did Aerial Art Yoga come from? Coming soon…  ^_^     Where do we begin? Ahimsa In classical yoga, the practice of nonviolence, Ahimsa, is the first of the five Yamas (universal vows) in Patanjali’s “eight-limbed” path –the journey toward Transformation. When you come to an Aerial Art Yoga class, you will be encouraged to move with kindness toward yourself, and […]