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Morning Classes

Yoga – Gentle Awakening: Tuesday & Thursday  7:00 am  –  60 min

Get ready for your day with a gentle awakening. We will beginning with meditation followed restorative opening, working up to a mindful flow that will inspire the rest of your day. This is a great way to start your home yoga practice.  Join u son Tuesday and Thursday in the studio.

Morning Yoga in our P.J.s 😉 Join us on Periscope search AerialArtYoga

Do you need a little extra encouragement to get on your mat at 7am? That’s perfect (I do too) we’re here for you. Follow Aerial Art Yoga on Periscope, and join us in the am for meditation followed by asana. If you only have time for the meditation, that’s just fine. Even a short centering and stretch is a great way to start your day. Join us for part or all of the practice. Maybe you meet us online then follow your own flow? Discover your morning practice. We’ll help you stay accountable, and reach your goals 😉

Energy Opener:  8:00 am  –  60-90 min

Start your day off increasing your flexibility, strength, mental clarity. Enjoy sun salutations, a solid core, and flowing aerial dance. This class has been called, “The best way to start your day!” 

Better Than Espresso: 12:00 pm  –  60-90 min

Don’t let the afternoon doldrums stifle your creative energy. We’ll work through your midday stiffness energizing each and every muscle! Join us for this power hour that finishes with a FULL savasana so you will leave refreshed and energized for the rest of your day.    



Evening Classes

Powerful Flow: 5:00 pm  –  90 min

This class is perfect for releasing stress, building strength, and stamina as you move powerfully from one pose to the next. Each class builds up to your own free flowing movement on the pole. It’s the most exciting part of each class. Explore your greatest heights, challenge your limits, and open your heart to the flow within.

Creative Expression: 7:00 pm  –  90 min 

This feel good flow aims to reduce stress and busyness from the ground up. Leaving you feeling more appreciative of what you have, and what you’ve accomplished. With plenty of time to open to your own creative expression. We’ll finish with restorative yoga, allowing time to fully release and open.

Intro for beginners: Monday 7:00 pm –  90 min 

If this is your first time to Aerial Art Yoga this is the class for you!  We’ll ground you firmly in the basics of Aerial Art Yoga. Members are also welcome to join this class with friends. Please remember to  reserve your class, or you might be missing your instructor.


Class Size Limit: 6 Students

Text your reservation to 414-614-4775  to ensure your spot.

Like this:

“Sarah Lisbon 8-17 @ 5:00 p.m.”

* Level 2: Thur @ 5:00

If you are familiar with basic yoga poses, confident in the foundation of working with the pole, and can suspend your own body’s weight in the air, we will begin working on inversions.


*Note: Feed yourself well. Obviously it takes energy to exercise. It also takes energy to be happy in general, so eat well. Have a big snack or meal about 3 hours before class. Then your body won’t be trying to process dinner, and give you the energy you need to move. Fruit unlike other foods digests in only an hour. If you need a snack to tide you over have some fruit or tea.

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